An Offering from Heart to Heart

An Offering from Heart to Heart


” I offer to Thee the only thing I have,
My capacity to be filled with Thee. “

– Sufi Saying

Beloved Igor Vamadeva, Teacher of the Heart ~

On this special day, we gather joyfully in spirit, we give thanks for your birth and wish you a most beautiful, blissful, happy Birthday in the company of your family! We raise our freshly filled and sparkling chalices and tea cups to celebrate the fullness of your being – your infinite compassion, your wisdom, your patience, your humor, and the indescribable service you offer to us and the world through your sacred work and teaching of Oneness. Our hearts overflow with gratitude that we have been guided into your illumining presence in this lifetime – drawn by the irresistible nectar of the Self.

With deep gratitude, we bow to the Divine Mother in form of your beautiful Mother Inna, who carried you under her heartbeat, raised you with her love and care, and then released you into the world to fulfill your destiny and highest dharma. We give thanks to the ancient land of Uzbekistan, to Mother Earth for nurturing your body and soul, and to all beings who protected your growth. We offer deepest reverence to your own beloved Guru Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and to Guru Dev, Shankaracharya Brahmananda Saraswati, for bestowing their Grace upon you and safeguarding your inner unfolding. And we offer pranāms to the lineage of Great Siddhas, whose light is perceived in your presence.

How rare it is to find a perfected Being, a Master of the Awakened Heart, and how rare to be touched by the Guru’s Grace – bringing forth the flash of recognition and initiating us into this timeless path which lies hidden at the core of the mystical journey. Once awakened from her seat, the Shakti’s thorough work turns us inside out, melts the boundaries of psychic conditioning, and shakes off what no longer serves us. She tunes our nervous systems, calls us into deep, vibrant Silence and back to the wonder of sensory perception – opening us to the simplicity of Being, and the mystery of breath. As your disciples we tenderly cherish the moment of initiation forever and as the greatest blessing.

You reveal to us what a precious opportunity this human life is to transform our Consciousness, what a rare possibility to transform the ordinary perception of ourselves and the world into an extraordinary vision of the illumined heart – showing us the way and potential to fully live our birthright and dharma. And while we continue to work on ourselves – assimilating and implementing your transformative teachings into our daily lives, allowing limiting tendencies to be illumined, and slowly surrendering deeper into the naturally unfolding process – your silent presence within us swings the doorways open to refined perception. Walking this path unlocks the gates to creative self-expression and gifts us with glimpses of beholding the secret wonder within all things, especially in a shower of fragrant rose petals from the inner heaven of our hearts. May these rose offerings from your team bring a wave of sweet delight to your special day…

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“Love knows that nothing is ever needed but more love. It is what we all do with our hearts that affects others most deeply. It is not the movements of our body or the words within our minds that transmit love. We love from heart to heart…”

– HH Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

We offer our pranāms to you, beloved Teacher, and bow to the Love of the Great Mother that you embody in Her purest, most blissful form. We feel so blessed to be with you, and to be serving you and your work. May this precious love between us grow and be of benefit to all, and may the intoxicating fragrance of your timeless work of realizing and fully embodying one‘s own beloved Self touch and awaken many souls in the year to come! Om Namah Shivaya.

With Love, gratitude and deep reverence,

Jai Guru Dev!

Your dedicated Students and Team members of Flowing Wakefulness Fellowship
January 5th, 2019


7 thoughts on “An Offering from Heart to Heart”

  1. Dearest Master-ji,
    my warmest wishes on your special day!
    Thank you from the heart for all your help and for your divine presence in our lives! ♥ ♥ ♥


      Happy Belated Birthday Igor ~
      This post from your team was So Beautiful , touching and poetic the roses speak volumes~ thank you to ALL!
      speak & see you all soon.

  2. Dear Igor Vamadeva ~
    Happy, happy blissful Birthday!
    Thank you for sharing your beauty, grace and light with all of us…I feel beyond grateful for your presence, wisdom and guidance!

    Much Love

  3. Happy Birthday dear Vamadeva. I am eternally grateful for the infinite blessing of this relationship, this subtle bond of Grace. I love you with all my heart. I see you. I see me in you, and you in me. Your presence resonates with the deepest, and highest, levels of my intuition. I hear you. You are a gift to humanity. I pray that we may all have the eyes to see and the ears to hear – to recognize this Grace. May the Divine Mother continue to protect and nourish you, and may your birthday be filled with lighthearted happiness and enjoyment!
    Jai Guru Dev
    Jai Shakti Ma
    ~Bhumi Devi

  4. Jenefer Samlley

    I am so moved by the all pervasive love emanating from this post , off the computer, and into my heart. The love of the Sangha is extraordinary. I feel charged with love. Thank you for coming into my life Vamadeva, you are a gift from God. Your benevolant energy continues to support me, and lift me up with a love that I had not felt until I was in your presence. Happy Birthday!!!

  5. Saraswati Hedden

    Dearest Vamadeva,

    My heart is filled with gratitude for the grace of knowing you. All my love and blessings to you on this day,


  6. Karen Miller

    Dearest Igor~Vamadeva,
    I am constantly awed and amazed at the grace built into the natural laws governing the Universe and chief among those, the awesome mystery of the Guru Principle and flowing from that, the actual physical embodiment/offering of the Great Souls who have done their work and who are then fit and willing to surrender to the Divine Mission of animating and carrying that Grace. You are such a One and, to me, it is, again, a beautiful, magical mystery that somehow in the fullness of Consciousness unfolding, I could be granted the great blessing of meeting you in this lifetime (and in my own neighborhood!) What a great and Grace-full mystery this is! Thank you for your sacrifice and for offering your Life in the service of en-lightening this planet. Thank you for the great love, tenderness, patience and fierce commitment with which you guide us and for the purity and beauty of the Teaching you bring and demonstrate.
    “Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.” John 13:15

    Happy Birthday, my dear Teacher! I hope this day, the 53rd anniversary of your birth, was one of relaxed enjoyment in the loveliness of Nature, surrounded by the love of your beautiful family as well as that love pouring forth from those many whose souls you have forever touched.
    In love and gratitude,
    Jai Guru Dev,
    Jai Shakti Ma,

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