In-person events with Igor form the heart of this work. As a uniquely skilled guide, Igor nurtures and facilitates spiritual growth using whatever means best suit each individual participant, from energetic transmission to breath work, mantra work, self-inquiry, emotional introspection, and more. It is here in the presence of an adept that spiritual transformation unfolds with speed and safety, opening us to the discovery of our own true nature. The results are life changing.

Online Events

June 15, 2024

Online Darshan

Being Possessed by the Archetypal Forces

June 22, 2024

Free Live Q&A

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Participants’ Experiences of Immersions with Igor Kufayev

Participants’ Experiences of Immersions with Igor Kufayev

Igor is a rare pearl in the ocean of spiritual teachers available today. Being truly touched by the Grace he is capable of bestowing on committed seekers of Truth, one experiences an unfoldment beyond words: a magical revelation of the ONE interconnected intelligence, utterly steeped in blissful beauty and in coherence with our divine purpose. Blessed are those whose path brings them to the feet of this Teacher…

— Participant at Human Being,
Belgium, 2017

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