Tantric Christ

The Greatest Story Ever Told

Realization of Christ-Consciousness as Awakening into the Essential Nature of our Heart

A Welcome Note From Igor Kufayev

Course Introduction

Dear Friend,

Speaking of the great traditions of the West, we can no longer view the story of Christ as an autonomous event, separate from our own awakening into the essential nature of Ultimate Reality, which is our very own Self. 

Here, we are being encouraged to draw parallels — to gain deeper insights into the dynamics of spiritual processes — where the mysteries of Christian Initiations can be understood, through the knowledge preserved in certain Perennial traditions of the East.

This immersion is an invitation to re-examine the profoundly universal teaching of Christ, in light of the direct realization of Christ-Consciousness within.

Course overview

What is Tantric Christ?

This immersion was the first time Igor Vamadeva had presented the teachings of Christ in the full measure of what the term “Christ-Consciousness” is supposed to represent. Nothing short of extra-ordinary, now you can partake in the retelling of the story that paves new territory for the spirit of the teaching of Christ to become alive in your heart. Here’s what you will learn from this program:

  • An alternative possibility behind what the story of Christ represents.

  • The mystery of Christian Initiation, understood and demystified via Yogic/Vedic/Tantric science and spirituality. 

  • The essence of the revolutionary teaching of Christ and the metaphysical meaning of the Cross.

  • Deep insights into how to traverse the entire scope of the process itself all the way to the culmination of Unity Consciousness.

  • How Christ’s teaching was not based on suffering and original sin, and other misinterpreted understandings in the Christian tradition.

  • The end of our religious inheritance where there is no priest, no intermediary. To take it in your own hands to tend to your Consciousness

  • Rediscover a story that is deeply pertinent to your own unfolding of Spirit in the body.


What to expect

Course Overview

Throughout these seven days, Igor takes us step by step through the pivotal moments in the story. Speaking from his own direct experience and his universally inclusive Tantric point of view, Igor’s teachings are clear, self-evident, and penetrating.  His discourse is experiential and transformative as he re-enlivens that eternal story of Christ which is intimately rooted in the story of ourselves. Filmed in its entirety, this package represents 16 hours of the palpable experience of an immersion.

Below is the basic sketch with which Igor decidedly paints the story of Christ, further supported by sessions of rich Q&A dialogue to further clarify points in the story as well as pertinent questions to the awakening process itself.

Day 1

The Mystery of Annunciation| Giving Birth to Christ Consciousness

Day 2

The Mystery of Annunciation  |  Giving Birth to Christ Consciousness

Day 3

The Drama of Being Human  |  The Betrayal and the Role of Judas

Day 4

Stations of the Cross | “I and the Father are One” |  The Three King

Day 5

Crucifixion  |  Sacred Symbology

Day 6

Mary Magdalene, Shakti & The Core of the

Teaching  |  Kundalini & Logos

Day 7

The Mystery of Incarnation & The Womb of Mary

Igor Kufayev

About The Teacher

An artist, Advaita Tantra teacher, and founder of the Flowing Wakefulness Fellowship, for over two decades Igor Kufayev has been serving as a conduit of transmission for awakening towards the new era of heart-centered consciousness. Speaking from direct realization of Oneness, he inspires and initiates the recognition of the fullest potential present in human birth. Many have been touched by grace and awakened in his presence, as he continues working towards building a global community to serve as a container for exploring possibilities for alternative, consciousness-based culture.

Igor has been working with kundalini emergencies and all sorts of aspects of energetic transformation for nearly two decades now, drawing on rich experience of his own process and having guided many on this path of energetic transformation.

Igor’s involvement with sacred tradition expresses itself as non-intellectual, heart-based illumination. It could be said that Igor’s teaching methods are rooted in Advaita Tantra of Kashmir Shaivism. However, having studied such diverse traditions as Vedanta, Tantra, Sufism and Zen for many years, Igor remains elusive to categorisation, maintaining that tradition is not a set of esoteric teachings and techniques, but a vibrant field of energy enlivened in the hearts of those who go through this transformative process firsthand.

Igor emphasises the psycho-physiological nature of the awakening process, pointing to the importance of purification of the nervous system from accumulated stresses, accompanied by major rewiring of neural pathways which awakens dormant areas in brain cortexes. A teacher of immense spiritual experience, Igor facilitates spiritual growth using whatever means best suit the individual student—the degree of their spiritual evolution, readiness and capacity to respond—from energetic transmission to breathwork, mantra work, self-inquiry, and emotional introspection.

Having lived a full life in the world as a successful artist, Igor as a family man is now lovingly raising his three children with his partner Amrita Ma Devi. These skills of bringing the loftiest spiritual teachings into “the marketplace of life” make Igor an exceptional teacher. Igor not only brings the rare ability to initiate others into profound tantric practice, but also safeguards his students through all stages of awakening whilst emphasizing the importance of bringing the teaching where it rightfully belongs—into this body, into one’s relationships and the all-embracing perception of this world.

Igor’s debut book, Camatkāra: The Hidden Path, is a lucid exposition on Tantra’s most compelling outlook, which offers an alluring perspective on the role of aesthetic astonishment in our daily life, and ultimately points to the purpose of human experience. The book was published earlier this year.

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Course Modules

How the Course Unfolds

The course was released during the summer of 2021 and now stands complete and undiminished in this recorded form to be savored at your own pace. Each module is at least 2.5 hours long. 

All modules will be available for you to watch in your own time by going to the course page in your membership account.

Introduction Evening

The Mystery of Annunciation

The Drama of Being Human

Within and Without

Q&A - Betrayal and the Role of Judas

Q&A - Shepherds and King

Awakening is Not the End - It is Only the Beginning

Stations of the Cross

I and the Father are One

Q&A - The Three Kings


Sacred Symbols

Shakti and the Core of the Teaching

Role and Motives of Judas

Dyadic Relationships

Different Perspectives on Phenomenal Reality

Kundalini & Awakening

The Process of Transformation

Giving Birth to Christ Consciousness

Being without a Center

Self Betrayal

Constantly Becoming

The Play of Consciousness

The Path of Beauty

Igor Shares a Personal Experience

The Concept of Ahamkara

The Relative and the Absolute

Q&A Self Revealing Knowledge

Teachers who disregard Kundalini

Kundalini Rising in Wrong Channels

Udana & Creativity

Unfolding of the Process of Awakening

Tantra is a Spontaneous Process

Experiences in Meditation

Spanda Vs. Pranava

Solar & Lunar Channels

6 The Internal Role of the Teacher

Finding Balance


In The Words of Others...

Faith becomes so strong that it is no longer a belief, but something that goes far beyond that. I feel more aware of feeling, thoughts, words — points of view. It feels like every conversation is a conversation with God.  Soul living the mystery of being… in the full acceptance of the here and now. I feel highly committed to the Shaktipat and at the same time, love to lay my head in the hands of the real doer…

Participant of Tantric Christ

I was given a deeper insight to how Hindu and Christian mysticism are complementary. I was able to tune into my own energy and harmonize with new friends, discover myself from a new perspective and setting…

—Participant of Tantric Christ Immersion

As a result of this immersion, I will be more centered in applying the New Testament in my own self-realization… the ever changing, never changing is ever-flowing, any changes of one’s own inner source are complemented by Igor’s inspiring, insightful motivation for shifts in personal potential…

—Participant of Tantric Christ Immersion

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Tantric Christ

The Greatest Story Ever Told

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