This pathless path is universal and open to all irrespective of caste or creed, and could be defined today as a neurophysiological path to self-realisation. Its main tenets are based on the understanding that the human being is divine in all its attributes, with creation seen as an embodiment of Awareness. The philosophical implications of this work relish in the understanding that existence is to be celebrated rather than negated or even transcended for the sake of an alternative reality. Its monistic perspective is rooted in the understanding that there is one and only Reality, throughout any spheres or planes of its manifestation; likewise, it recognises this Earthly plane as nothing but an expression of the Ultimate. With this all-embracing understanding, this work offers an integral, consciousness-based approach tailored for a householder faced with the demands of modern life. Its methodologies rooted in Tantric Shaivism of Kashmir were chosen to give elaborate form to the teaching known for its cutting-edge qualities of unparalleled alignment with this vision and its life-affirming qualities. Accordingly, it views Self-realisation not merely as a goal but as a prerequisite for living life to its fullest potential. It does not debase individuality but recognises it to be an integral aspect of the universal concealed within its locus as Awareness, and encourages the development of psychological maturity, in itself considered as a prerequisite if one is to offer the sense of self wholeheartedly into existence – for a liberated, embodied and life-affirming living.

Foundational Videos

What This Path Is All About

In this clip, Igor Kufayev speaks to the prophetic call voiced over a century ago by philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche and how it squarely relates to the very premises of this work and why it serves as an antidote to the zeitgeist of nihilism which has pervaded all facets of modern society, including spirituality itself. Recorded in Gut Saunstorf, Germany, June 2023.

The Essence of Trika Shaivism

Igor Kufayev examines the nature of our experience and points out how we misplace the Witness in the apprehension of our reality. An excerpt from a discourse at a 7-day Immersion, Gut Saunstorf, Germany. August 2021

Pure Awareness, Field of Shakti, & Individual Means

Alluding to classical approaches (Upayas in Sanskrit), Igor introduces the essential nature and main tenets of this path. Delivered at a Free Online Q&A Session to provide greater insight into this transformative work in the context of live programs called Immersions. Mallorca, March 2022

Neuro-Physiological Basis of Enlightenment: The Body as an Instrument of Consciousness

Having set the stage in Part 1, Igor Kufayev develops the theme of Tantric philosophy explaining that human life is divine and an expression of the totality where the absolute and the relative are resolved, inviting the viewer to a Realisation of their own. A discourse from an Immersion at Kurhaus Kirchzarten, Germany, October 2019.

"One Whose God is Beautiful” — Personal Meets Transpersonal

In this clip, Igor Kufayev provides insights into the writing of his debut book “Camatkāra: The Hidden Path,” and alludes to the hidden dimension specific to Tantric teachings. Recorded in Gut Saunstorf, Germany, June 2023.

Interviews & Dialogues

Yoga Aktuell Magazine

Interview with Nina Haisken, Oct/Nov 2023 issue

Alexander Dugin, Liberal Democracy & Great Reset – Michael Millerman & Igor Kufayev in Conversation

Spiritual Teacher Igor Kufayev and Philosopher Michael Millerman discuss deeper dimensions of what informs the cultural landscape we find ourselves in—largely defined by the bankruptcy of ideologies and the resultant vacuum of real ideas that could serve to anchor and unite collective purpose—probing questions as to what can potentially restore intrinsic meaning & value to human life, hence the world we live in. August 2022.

The End of Philosophy as We Know It – A Conversation with Bernardo Kastrup and Igor Kufayev

In this conversation with spiritual teacher Igor Kufayev and philosopher/scientist Bernardo Kastrup, they discuss the import of living in the current times we are in, namely one marked by the disintegration of collective values and structures, and what is required of us to navigate this uncharted territory. July, 2022

Perpetual Sense of Being | LIVING TRANSCENDENCE Interview with Amir Freimann

In this video Igor Kufayev is being interviewed by Amir Freimann for his PhD thesis through the University of Haifa, entitled “Living Transcendence: A Phenomenological Study of Spiritual Exemplars”.  For his thesis, Freimann was referred to a number of individuals, who were described as “living transcendence” in their daily life. August 2020.

What is Kundalini?

Interview with Igor Kufayev for Yoga Aktuell magazine, Germany. Part 1, February 2018.

The Path of Beauty is the Path of the Heart

Interview with Igor Kufayev for Yoga Aktuell magazine, Germany. Part 2, February 2018.

Piercing the Veil – Interview with Igor Kufayev

In this in-depth interview, based on the questions from the students, Igor speaks on various topics; on heart-to-heart transmission, on the importance of Kundalini, on the line between shift in Consciousness and mystical experiences, on Awakening vs Self-Realization,  on challenges of working with those who have been on the path for decades, on how he came to guide others, on the ‘Satsang Movement’, on The Divine Feminine and role of initiation, and more. August 2017.

Spanda, Quantum Physics, and the Role of the Teacher

Interview with Jacob Kyle for Chitheads, EMBODIED PHILOSOPHY. April 2017. 

Awakening Together Satsang

Interview with Jay McCormick. October 2017.

KUNDALINI: Defining the Undefinable

In conversation with Igor Kufayev. An excerpt from the interview on Kundalini, Kriyas & the Path of the Heart, Mallorca, November 2016. A concise version has been published under the title “Spontaneous Yoga – Touched by Grace” by Igor Kufayev, ‘Yoga Aktuell’ Germany, February/March edition 2017.

Igor Kufayev – 'The Impact Of Awakening' Interview by Iain McNay

Interview with Ian McNay from ConsciousTV. Sept 2013. 

Igor Kufayev – 'Flowing Wakefulness' Interview by Renate McNay

Interview with Renata McNay from ConsciousTV. Sept 2013. 

Buddha at the Gaspump

Transcription of the Second Interview with Rick Archer – Part 1. June 2012.

Buddha at the Gaspump

Transcription of the Second Interview with Rick Archer – Part 2

“…The emphasis is on the divine essence of human existence in all its attributes as an expression of the Totality. These methodologies aim at appeasing polarised forces to embrace that totality directly through an embodied human experience. Known as the union of the Absolute and Relative aspects of Awareness as merging of a fully awakened individual and universal Consciousness; with the refinement of perception as a byproduct, to quench that existential thirst by partaking in the essence of one’s immortality…”

—Igor Kufayev

Signature Courses

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