Flowing Wakefulness

Flowing Wakefulness is being established as a non-profit serving as an educational platform for accessing and realizing possibilities for a Consciousness-based culture, aimed at the recognition, development and actualization of the fullest potential present in human birth.


Flowing Wakefulness Fellowship is united by a shared vision in exploring alternative possibilities for consciousness-based culture. The timeless beauty of this work lies in its all-embracing nature. Established and led by Igor Kufayev, this path is universal and open to all irrespective of creed, race or gender. It transcends any tradition and cultural identity. The Teaching is the knowledge of the Self, alive and throbbing in the Heart of an awakened being, as wakefulness of his own awareness. The essence of the teaching is to embody the fullest potential present in human birth, as Unity in diversity in all its uniqueness. 
Working with transformative methodologies as means for the emergence of enlivened consciousness gives access to the unlimited potential inherently present at the finest level of creation. This brings about total development of the mental, physical and emotional aspects of a human being to its fullest capacity, whilst simultaneously presenting qualitatively different solutions to the unprecedented challenges humanity is faced with at the present. 
The vision of the Fellowship encompasses establishing regeneration centers, as the heart and the hub of spiritual community, and the vibrant expression of this unique work. Designed to house educational, rehabilitative, and transformational programs on an ongoing basis, these centers serve local communities as trendsetters for new ways of being, providing opportunities to participate in the diverse spiritual and cultural programs. They are further intended to serve as research facilities, inviting clinical study and cross-pollinating exchanges between the cutting-edge of neuroscience and ineffable insights gained in deep states of transcendence. The centers provide a platform to initiate a dialogue for re-evaluating the view – prevalent among the peers in the field of psychiatry – on the nature of psychophysiological transformation, often referred to as ‘existential crisis’, ‘spiritual emergency’, or Kundalini Syndrome.         
These regeneration centers are envisioned to be the nucleus of a newly-forming culture implicitly based on self-organizing power, spontaneously arising as an outcome of direct communion with the Unified Field. The aspiration behind the work is toward greater psychology — fully acknowledging the limitations of problem-solving enterprises, conscious politics or sustainable economics when grounded in the outlived paradigm — to bring the new vision required to face the challenges of this age. The major shift in perception and the resulting expanded consciousness, is what breaks the shackles imposed by any system of beliefs, granting access to the unlimited potential present within our awareness. 
Recognizing and living one’s fullest potential is the birthright and utmost responsibility as human beings, and it is imperative to the current phase of transition. The vision is to heal the rupture of separation — individually and collectively — through direct recognition of the utter interconnectedness of all life, and return to reverence for life itself.
As founder and spiritual director, Igor Kufayev has been serving as a conduit of transmission for awakening towards the new era of consciousness-based culture. Speaking from direct realization of Oneness, he inspires and initiates the awakening process in seekers of truth irrespective of their cultural background. The Flowing Wakefulness Fellowship serves as the vessel for birthing the alternative culture, where this work can organically unfold and expand. It serves as the platform for supporting, structuring and making the teaching available.

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