Spanda: The Quiver of the Self-Effulgent Heart

The Wheels of Power and the Five-Fold Nature of Universal Vibration

A 7-module Series of Oral Teachings and Two Guided Tantric Meditations

A Welcome Note From Igor Kufayev

Course Introduction

“Individual and Universal are but modes of contemplation.”

—Igor Kufayev, from discourses


This course is a succinct exposition of the teachings delivered in the past ten years, with an emphasis on the Doctrine of Vibration, known as Spanda in the Kashmir Shaiva Tradition. Drawing from its fascinating perspective, the entire manifestation is seen as an outcome of Awareness pulsating in a series of concentric cycles. The outflowing waves of expansion and inward-drawn waves of contraction, moved by the power of its total freedom, Supreme Awareness is carried in the very body in five-fold ways and is at the heart of all experiencing. These cycles symbolize the states of individualized consciousness, ranging from the subtlest most internal and subjective to the grossest most external and objective. 

In addition, the course aims to rehabilitate the nature of experience as being an indivisible reality of the Absolute in its modes of Self-expression as the Seer, the Seeing, and the Seen. Illustrated by the main tenets of Trika Shaiva Tantras, these expositions invite the possibility of redressing the notion of Being Human in its truly Cosmic status, along with reevaluating the Earthly plane of manifestation by revising the deeper dimension of the Geocentric perspective from the metaphysical point of view.

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What You’ll Learn

Course Overview

This course comprises of discourses delivered during the spring and summer of 2023 at the 10-day events in Mallorca and Germany. Discourses will be released one module per week over a 2-month period to allow ample time for reflection and digestion of the material. It includes a live Q&A session with Igor at the end of the course to address participants’ questions.

The recordings are packed with illustrative visual examples, which Igor employs to make accessible this specialized and esoteric subject for anyone to come to their own understandings and revelations.

Given the very nature of the topic, known as the ‘secret supreme’, these discourses carry the undeniable penetrating quality of pure knowledge, and have the ability to rend asunder any doubts with regard to the nature — and moreover, the experience — of reality itself.

Module 1

Discourses: ‘There Is Nothing More Purifying Than Knowledge’, Doctrine of Recognition (Pratyabhijnahrdayam), Knower-Knowing-Known, Rehabilitating the Value of Phenomenal Experience

Discourses: The Unique Doctrine of Spanda, Relationship of Shiva-Shakti-Nara, Advaita Vedanta vs Kashmir Shaivism and the Analogy of the Mirror, Operating Powers of Consciousness

Meditation: Introduction and Guidance into So-Ham Meditation

Module 2

Discourses: Spanda as a Truly Nondual Teaching, Body Affords the Possibility of Greatest Exaltation, Two Grand Movements in Consciousness

Discourses: The Individual Never Gets Enlightened, Prana Kundalini and the Ceaseless Manifestation of Creation, Trikona Triangle, Cascading Overflow of Shiva’s Essence

Module 3

Discourses: All Shaivite Masters Traced to Shiva, The Pulsating Power of the Absolute, Spanda Kalika

Discourses: From Vameshvari to Bhukari, Union of Absolute and the Relative

Discourses: Wheels of Shakti, ‘Silence Before Bliss’, Extracting the Essence

Module 4

Discourses: Five Concentric Wheels of Pulsation of Consciousness, A Conscious Return to the Geocentric Perspective, Greatest Gift of Kashmir Shaivism

Discourses: Five-Fold Ways That Consciousness Expresses Itself, The Incomprehensible Nature of the Absolute and the World

Discourses: Continuing on the Wheels of Shakti, ‘Silence Before Bliss’, Extracting the Essence

Module 5

Discourses: Individual IS the Totality, Deeper Meaning of the Mantra AHAM, ‘Man is the Measure of All Things’, The Secret Supreme, Bindu Visarga

Discourses: Samavesha and Body of the Goddess, The Means to Self-Realization (The Upayas)

Module 6

Discourses: The Most Important Question, Svatantrya as Freedom to Create, Maya as the Great Mother

Discourses: Limitation of New Age Approaches to the Individual, Tantric Approach of Working with Energy, Refinement of Perception

Meditation: Advanced Guided Meditation: Tantric Visualisation on Wheels of Energy

Module 7

Live Question and Answer Session. The Q & A will take place in Winter 2023/24. The exact dates will be announced a few weeks in advance.

Igor Kufayev

About The Teacher

Igor Kufayev is an artist, spiritual teacher and founder of Flowing Wakefulness organisation. Completing his studies at the St. Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts, he held his first solo exhibition at the age of twenty-five and established an international art career in London by his early thirties. Since 2002, Igor has been advancing the exploration of individual and collective consciousness through his work as a renowned Advaita Tantra teacher. His debut book, Camatkāra: The Hidden Path (SONG Publishing, 2023), published earlier this year, is a lucid exposition on Tantra’s most compelling outlook, which offers an alluring perspective on the role of aesthetic astonishment in our daily life, and ultimately points to the purpose of human experience.

Igor’s involvement with the sacred traditions expresses itself not only in scriptural exposition and metaphysical discourse but also as non-intellectual, heart-based illumination through Transmission. Though his methods are rooted in Shiva Tantra, Igor remains elusive to categorisation, maintaining that tradition is not a set of esoteric teachings and techniques but a vibrant field of energy enlivened in the hearts of those who go through this transformative process firsthand and bring the teaching to life.

Through catalysing these individual transformations at his live Immersion programs across the world, Igor has been creating a global community that fosters the evolution of collective consciousness, from the egoic precipice it currently lingers on, into a new heart-based paradigm. He currently resides in Mallorca with his partner Amrita Ma Devi and their three young children.


In The Words of Others...

… Vamadeva’s expositions of Kashmir Shaivism could be felt to inform our collective practice, so that the theory was never merely theoretical but became a living experience at a deep level of being…

—Louis Ryan, Immersion Participant

Limited Offer in Partial Scholarships

A limited offer in scholarship is available for those in dire need. If you are subjected to financial hardship to the degree that you feel you are qualified for a reduction of the course fee, please apply below.

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