These signature online courses are indispensable for anyone willing to gain deeper insights into the underlying structure of all experiences, and how knowledge itself is structured in Consciousness. In these offerings, Igor Kufayev delineates and reconciles the paradox of this ‘pathless path’, dispelling preconceptions and misconceptions while revealing the essential understandings and eternally dynamic principles that illumine the full spectrum of our experiences, as union and separation, love and strife, life and death, scrupulously, at times poetically, examined through pristine lenses of Tantric philosophy. Equipped with the insights of direct cognition and humbled by the grace-descending power of transmission, Igor brings these timeless teachings to life, whilst altogether embodying what it means to be a living example of a householder. In that timeless, powerful, and practical Way of the Heart.

online course

Tantra Today

Embodied Enlightenment – Free Offering

Online course

Spanda: The Quiver of the Self-Effulgent Heart

The Wheels of Power and the Five-Fold Nature of Universal Vibration

online course


The Source of Ultimate Knowledge, Power & Joy

online course

Seeing Through the Heart

The Vision of Poets & Sages

Full Series of 7 Reflections and 4 Guided Meditations

Samadhi Course
online course


Bringing Together Subject & Object in the Full Spectrum of Coalescence

Online course

Yoga of Integrity

Unfold your full Human Potential. Live in Alignment with Universal Values.

Online Darshan Recordings

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