Heartfelt gratitude for your desire to be of support! There are several ways donating can support the mission and vision of Igor Kufayev and his Flowing Wakefulness Fellowship. We invite you to take part in the unfolding of this journey of offering deeply transformative teachings to the world.

Financial Contributions to Support the Ongoing Work

Our volunteer team serves fulltime to provide Igor Kufayev’s Teaching to the world and often runs short of financial funds to sustain this offering. From organising the worldwide programs, building our own publishing house, professional website maintenance, to technical and personal support, publications and constant exchange and communications with various fields of Consciousness science, we never sleep. Your support allows us to increase ways of sharing what this Path of Transmission offers, educate and keep the discussion going and accessible. Please find out how to support us. Our volunteer team of dedicated students serves to disseminate the teachings of Igor Kufayev. We require ongoing funds to organize and promote Igor’s worldwide programs, publish written work, provide professional website design and maintenance, produce videos, and more. Your generous donations help to meet these costs.

Donations can be made via credit card using the buttons below or directly via PayPal; if you use this PayPal link, please uncheck the box next to “Paying for goods or a service?” before you finalize the donation.  

Scholarship Fund

It is our desire to offer every sincere seeker the opportunity to experience the teaching of Igor Kufayev directly, in live programs and webinars. For this reason, we offer scholarships to sincere students who are experiencing financial challenges. When immersed in periods of intense transformation, many students have been deeply grateful to receive such support.

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