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The Triadic Nature of Experience

Have you had a brush with awakening, or a full-blown collision with the infinite, but find it hard to integrate your experience? Are you a jaded seeker lacking spiritual ardour and tired of knocking on heaven’s door? Are you subject to states of dissociation, and feeling lost in the process? Perhaps you’ve tried many approaches to heal the traumas in your past, to no avail. If some of this rings true, then this work is for you. Whether you are a total newcomer, in need of sound orientation to support your personal efforts or a seasoned meditator with decades of experience looking to break through the limitations of your practice, this work can be beneficial to you. Yet whilst this work is universal and open to all, irrespective of creed, race and gender, only those who are fully committed to their own progress will truly be able to benefit from it. In short, this work is for the householder, the maverick, the artist, the rebel, the pirate. Welcome aboard!

The Poet — represents the quality of the Seer, as an expression of creative intelligence and the highest potential in human birth.

The Shakti— represents the quality of Seeing, the transformative power of Consciousness, as an expression of the Absolute as the highest potential in human birth.

The Body (The World) — represents the quality of the Seen, as an expression of Awareness, through name and form and the very meaning of embodiment, and the highest teaching on expansion and contraction of Consciousness.

The Heart’s ebb and flow, perpetually invigorating, unifying, and transcending these expressions as
Togetherness of Knower, Knowing, and Known.

The Heart’s ebb and flow, perpetually invigorating, unifying, and transcending these expressions as Togetherness of Knower, Knowing, and Known.

…This path is not one of speculation, it doesn’t get lost in the meanderings of esoteric discourses, nor does it shy away from elaborate expositions on the nature of reality; it is steadfast and tangible as it incorporates somatic experiences at the level of neurophysiology. Its lofty goal is not in contradiction with the material plane of existence, which sees the ultimate in recognising immanence as an expression of one’s own dear Self throughout all the planes of existence as well as non-existence…

…The true movers and shakers have accessed within themselves the level of reality required to stir Consciousness at the deepest level. When stirred, it reverberates throughout all the planes of existence, where the shapes of things to come are formed by being tuned enough “to hear” the subtlest hum at the Heart of Creation…

—Igor Kufayev

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Igor Kufayev is one of the most important spiritual teachers in Europe and the US. He is a tantric-energy-transmission lineage holder, rare among nondual teachers today, with each member of his long-standing community absorbing and radiating the ancient prana-shakti of his tradition. His new book, Camatkāra: The Hidden Path is thus a transmission, not only of sagely-understood and finely written teachings on this deeply embodied path, but also of the energy, the shakti, itself. It is to be read, meditated upon and felt as your own energies are quickened as you read.

—Stuart Sovatsky, PhD

President Emeritus, Association for Transpersonal Psychology

Author, Words From the Soul: Time, East/West Spirituality and Psychotherapeutic Narratives

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SONG Publishing

SONG Publishing is an organic manifestation of directly cognised essence encapsulated within perennial wisdom traditions in response to the necessities of our time. Founded and consecrated by Igor Kufayev as an independent company in spring 2023, the publishing house aims to serve as a container for universal knowledge distilled into accessible expressions as a timely reminder of our true essence.


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