To Tie the Donkey & Untie the Knots

Before inviting you, the reader, to join in the invocation aimed at consecrating this long-awaited feature of our own online sanctuary — an inner courtyard, a haven to dock your ship (or a raft), a place to tie your donkey for some quiet moments with a pot or a cup of tea, to unwind and savor your humanity — I’d like to tell you how it all began… at least how it was perceived from this corner of the Universe, before the bing and the bang of the social media explosion sucked our attention into the vortex of giant enterprises, with gravity stronger than the propelling forces of our sanity.

This is not a lament for the time when letters were written in ink and the envelopes slashed — in my case, with an artisan knife from Uzbekistan — but an invitation to sharpen your sense of direction, along with refining your senses when it comes to a place for some worthwhile time online.

Having spent a fair amount of time in the earlier days, in trying to engage in meaningful exchanges on some of the media platforms — right from the moment these were launched into the public domain — I realized eventually how futile are these attempts when it comes to real, meaningful sharing, unless one is into the feverish thrill of an information overload with questionable premises behind the insatiable desire to be informed.

Since then the idea of creating our own online abode, where a spoken or a written word can be savored in the more or less sheltered setting of an old-fashioned Forum, has been our wish — to come true.

Now, whatever sacred lore your ear has been tuned to or your heart has been initiated into, this place is consecrated with your attention and blessings, attracted by the shared intentions of our Sangha for whom this place has been envisioned as an open Journal, to read and write, in the safety of close companionship — as in a tea room, in Zen or zikr, where the remembrance transcends the meaning of the term, in an act of selfless offering.

And though designed for the needs of our budding spiritual tribe, all passersby are welcome, as long as we observe the customs – no shoes, no open blades inside, no commercial plugins. Have a sip. Inhale. Undo that button, breathe into your tummy. Feel at home and at ease, untie the knots, and let the muse of your self-expression take you over… Have another sip…

– Igor Vamadeva – Alaro, Mallorca. Nov 2017

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