Seeing Through The Heart

The Vision of Poets & Sages

Full Series of 7 Reflections and 4 Guided Meditations

A Welcome Note From Igor Kufayev

Course Introduction

Silence and dynamism. The two shores of existence that move in ceaseless, undulating rhythm. The wave that reaches the outer edges of the furthest shores of creation, only to recede and return to the place of origin. There, where the hum of the original striking of the bell from the beginning of time reabsorbs us back into the hand of the Creator.

What does it mean to live from the heart? What does it mean to live from a place of complete and utter authenticity? What does it take?

In this series of Guided Meditations and Reflections, we are invited on an immersive journey that explores these timeless questions by giving us a visceral taste of that which is always there as the softest whisper, eager to bloom in the deepest chambers of the heart.

Always new, hidden,
Yet old and apparent to all,
The Heart, the Ultimate
Shines alone with the brilliance of the Supreme.


Course Overview

Unfolding in Seven Reflections


Ebb and Flow on the Sea of Infinity. The Waves of Outpouring and Withdrawal

What Does it Take to Live from the Heart? How do We Savor in Fullness, the Sap of Existence? A Place of Return, Where All Lovers Meet


On Meditation for Beginners and Advanced

Vibrating with an Experience, Qualities of Spontaneous Absorption,The Unstruck Sound, Where All Prana Gathers

Hamsa Meditation


Two Shores of Existence. Sacred Movement in the Heart

The Vision of the Poet, Sage and Seer, Lost is a Day Without Poetry, The Manifold Dimensions of the Heart


On Imagination

If We can’t Imagine Being Liberated, How can We Be? Envisioning the Shape of Things to Come, The Seat of Imagination is Where our True Desires Lie

Breathing Through the Heart Meditation


On Visualization

Repossession Into the Body of the Archetype, Language as a Living Goddess, Four Levels of Speech, The Collective Field


Reconciliation in the Heart. Human Perception on "Walking Universe"

For Whose Sake is This Experience? What is it for? The Ocean Merges with the Drop, The Knowledge of the River Itself

Seeing Through the Heart and Culturing the Heart Meditation


Reflecting Together. A Conversation with Igor Kufayev

Recorded Live Session

igor kufayev sitting in front of a tree in a gray shirt with a piece of straw in his mouth

Igor Kufayev

About the Teacher

There are many names and roles I’m associated with or would like to be known by: artist, husband, father, guide, or a friend are just a few. Yet I am but a wandering nomad, riding through the steppes and valleys (at times flying across the seas) to pierce an eager heart with an arrow of love. I might have chosen to cloak it into Kashmiri Shaiva attire, but as soon as someone is settling on a set of doctrines I’m ready to put on my Sufi hat. If someone looks for an ‘ism’ in its thread they’ll soon be exposed to the vastness of the skies for which there is no name… A nomad or a settler if your heart is swelled with longing come and camp here till the dawn of your own glory. And even then we shall dance around the fire to warm the stars …

—Igor Vamadeva Kufayev

Just like a bee wraps herself in
the nectar of a flower,
drowns in ecstasy
I fall into the depth where Sound is unhurt and
Silence fills the cavities of shapes yet to come
Just like honey pleases the tongue,
this Stillness gladdens the Heart, deeply
Eyes shut I behold all forms as they gently
dissolve in the firmament of my own Heart…

—Igor Kufayev – Santanyi, Mallorca. Aug 2013


In The Words of Others...

“…In the heart meditation, all my life-energy went into my heart and a strong feeling of total opening appeared. Inside this heart was a transparent white pearl looking like a water drop reflecting the world, and inside of it, pure energy and silence. That drop came and submerged with the moving flow around it, and these two energies, the moving one and the silent one, became one. Just oneness, nothing else…“

—Melissa, Immersion Participant 

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Seeing Through the Heart

The Vision of Poets & Sages

Full Series of 7 Reflections and 4 Guided Meditations

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