Supporting the Awakening Process

with Sundari Ma

Awakening is an adventure. It is the greatest blessing of our life. It transforms the very perception of what we thought ourselves and this world to be. This total realignment touches every sphere of our life and interaction: the way we relate to ourselves, to our nearest and dearest, and to the world. This inevitably brings us in touch with some of life’s most challenging situations. Flowing Wakefulness Facilitators offer support for those who find themselves in a place of difficulty on their path of awakening or who wish to gain deeper clarity and understanding about a specific issue or phase in their journey. Personal questions can be explored on topics such as spiritual practice, lifestyle, relationships, diet, and many more.

Time:    60-90 minutes

Contribution VAT included:    150 €

If you have any questions or would like to find out more information, please contact:

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