Bringing Together Subject & Object in the Full Spectrum of Coalescence


This course is aimed at bridging individual concerns, represented by the human condition and existential quest, with what we perceive as the reality of the world out there. This in turn, ultimately speaking, is inseparable from bringing together subject and object, as has been pointed out by all perennial traditions of the East and West. Despite a seeming straightforwardness, this process of merging is a fine art in itself and has been dealt with, with astonishing precision by certain traditions, some of which we will unpack during the course.



The highest state of meditative absorption, also known as Integration or “bringing together”, is the joining of various elements into one stream of integral flow. According to Yoga Philosophy there are different degrees of coalescence, some deeper and more complete than others: from meditative absorption with cognitive functioning; to the cognition-less withdrawal of the Self abiding as Awareness; to the ultimate state of Sahaja Samadhi, as that spontaneous absorption whilst going about your daily duties.

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