Global Awakening & Collective Psychosis – Part 3


Speaking from the perspective common to all Perennial Traditions, an authentic Awakening is unleashing the dormant potential which lies at the basis of individual experience as a greater process of the maturation of a human psyche. It is experienced as the expansion of one’s own consciousness, often at the expense of breaking the boundaries of the corporeal sense of self, where the reintegration of identity is the measure of the depth of the process itself. Often referred to as an evolutionary unfoldment––as that unraveling of a psychological sense of self––it is accompanied by a profound experience of freedom, yet could be deeply unsettling on so many levels. When properly understood, awakening is not about individual freedom but freedom from [the conditioning of identity with] an individual. How does this look in a culture which increasingly glorifies individual freedom as the epitome of civilization––which, beneath it all, is geared towards the satisfaction of individual desires at the expense of the deterioration of all aspects of society and the very fabric of culture itself?

With this new series of online gatherings under the title Global Awakening & Collective Psychosis, we will examine this cutting edge topic from all angles to see how is it even possible to go through the awakening process at a time when the prevalent trends of consensus reality are constantly morphing the psyche into a state of amnesia?

We will look into how even some of the loftiest spiritual teachings are being absorbed into the global mainstream by feeding into that insatiable desire for self-gratification that our consumer-based society propagates. We will address how to navigate through this collective obsession with the unconscious patterns of an adolescent age to which, up to now, we have become comfortably numb.

Recording of the live broadcast on Saturday, June 26, 2021 / 5-7pm CEST


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