Darshan & 3-Day Immersion March 2024 in Vienna, Austria

March 29 – April 1, 2024

Taborstraße 71/1a, 1020 Wien
Feldenkrais Institute is centrally located in the 2nd district of Austria’s beautiful capital city Vienna, easily accessible by public transport.

Program Information

The evening darshan and 3-day-immersion are bookable separately, you are welcome to come to both or just one. During the Friday evening darshan, there will be only discourse and Q&A.


The energetic meditation is for the following 3-day-immersion only. The 3-day immersion is an opportunity to experience the work of Igor Kufayev first-hand in a longer introductory format — which incorporates 6 full meditation sessions — ideal for those unable to attend a longer program.


Immersions with Igor are unique, often life-changing events rooted in the age-old Tantric wisdom teachings aimed at accelerating our innermost potential, through direct guidance by a meditation master. We invite you to experience this for yourself, in the context of this extended weekend event.

Please note, this is a non–residential immersion.

Meals and accommodation are not included.



Evening Darshan

Friday, March 29
6:30-7:30 pm   Arrival at the Venue
8:00 pm   Darshan


Three Day Immersion

Saturday, March 30 – Monday, April 1
10:00 – 13:00   Darshan & Meditation
13:00 – 15:00   Lunch break
15:00 – 18:30   Darshan, Meditation, Q & A


Guidelines for Newcomers

  • If you are attending an immersion with Igor for the first time, booking a proper introductory facilitator sessionLiving from the Heart with one of the Flowing Wakefulness facilitators is required. As we work by the highest standards, we want to make sure you are prepared for the energetic processes of the immersion and acquire a basic familiarity with the teaching.
  • Everyone who has not yet been initiated to the Tantric visualisation and imagination meditations during an immersion, must take the meditation course “SEEING THROUGH THE HEART: The Vision of Poets & Sages” before attending the immersion. This is to make sure that everyone has a grasp of the meditation methodology used in the program, and that course is a great education in and of itself. You can book that course here: https://igorkufayev.org/product/seeing-through-the-heart/


Covid Policy

In case you are experiencing covid/cold/flu symptoms or feeling unwell we advise you to stay at home. A full credit of the booking fee will be given, with a choice to apply this credit to an offering of your choice, be it an online course or a live immersion.

Upon arrival, we will ask everyone to do a simple Covid self-test before entering the space.


We are a young budding organisation with many creative impulses. For those wishing to support this work, there are voluntary donation options before check out. These donations enable us to sustain and expand this work and be more of service.

If you have trouble booking or have any questions regarding this immersion, please contact: events@flowingwakefulness.com

By booking a place at this event, you agree to the participation agreement.

Darshan & 3-Day Immersion March 2024 in Vienna, Austria


“On the second day, I experienced an opening I’ve never had before in my life. It felt like a result of being utterly honest with what was and is in that moment, including the suffering that I had to face. I am grateful for being able to ‘enter this space’ and knowing that it exists.”
Odette, Weekend Immersion in Berlin, January 2023
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