Awakening Today

Personal Transformation as a Reflection of Transformative Processes in Collective Conciousness


This online offering comprises of the entire weekend immersion wherein the theme of ‘Awakening Today’ was spontaneously born as a result of the exchanges that took place at this particular winter tour event in Zurich, Switzerland. What unfolded there and then, at that pertinent place in the city where Carl Jung gave his historical Kundalini seminars, was a call to delve into the nature of the transformative processes and the relevance of an integral spiritual path for this challenging time for humanity: Where do we find ourselves, each and every one of us individually, and how does that relate to the collective state of affairs? And why is it important to hold this greater picture with regard to what we mean by individual awakening?

Experience this moving immersion in full, which serves as an introduction into this work and includes a guided meditation, all of the discourses, and practical Q&As to implement in your own practice.


Day 1 | Introduction Evening | Tribute to Carl G. Jung’s Seminars on Kundalini Yoga
Evening Q&A | Emotional Fasting, Cut Through Reality, Shaktipat


Day 2 | Morning Darshan | Necessity of Psychological Hygiene
Morning Q&A Session | Tantric Work, Letting Go, Catharsis


Day 2 | Afternoon Darshan | Impact of Our Live Programs
Afternoon Q&A Session | Dreams, Trauma, Psychosomatic Spiritual Work


Day 3 | Morning Darshan | The Sedation of an Entire Generation of Awakened Ones
Morning Q&A Session | Force of Longing, Spiritual Warrior, Offering to Shakti


Bonus Material | Guided Tantric Meditation



“… On the second day I experienced an opening I never experienced before in my life. It felt like a result of being completely and utterly honest with what was in that moment, along with the suffering that I had to finally face. It’s difficult to describe in detail, but I am grateful for ‘entering this space’ and knowing that it exists…”

– Participant at the Weekend Immersion in Zurich



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