Inferring, Reevaluating, Immersing ~ Impressions from Germany

We’ve just come out of our 5-day immersion in Germany, and it has been nothing short of incredible in all of its novelty and re-discovery! There is so much to share from this immersion, a lot of new material in the way of very engaging video discourses and dialogues where the teaching was expounded. The theme of this immersion spontaneously unfolded into the role and place of this individuality, the unraveling of the process of dis-identification, and the relationship between the individual and the Absolute—with visceral insights and revelations experienced and remarked on by many participants. We’ll be sharing these insights and more on our YouTube channel in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for videos our team is currently working on!

Later this year, we have a 10-day immersion from October 12-21st, this time on the other side of the Atlantic, in Mexico. An immersion in this part of the world has been highly anticipated for quite some time, and we so look forward to seeing and sitting with the rest of our sangha and more newcomers at this paradisiacal location.

More immediately, now that we’ve warmed up the venue in Germany, we’ll be ready to dive in again at the Gut Saunstorf with a 10-day immersion in less than a month, beginning on July 1. This extended time together affords an even greater possibility to enter further depths of consciousness through the field generated by each and every participant, ready to break new ground on all levels.



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