Glory to the Peaceful…

Glory to the peaceful, the graceful and the poetic–

What an amazing year this 2017 has been…


“Human life is Divine, not only in terms of its potentiality, but because it is a perfect manifestation of all divine impulses of nature, reflected throughout our human physiology as the universe incarnate.”
– Igor Kufayev
Many of us express now and then, how being immersed in this work makes us live such a bounty of intense experiences in a very short time span. It’s sometimes hard to believe how much evolution can happen in only one year! But the hearts that come together in this Sangha know what we are talking about and one more time, we can only bow to the richness that life has blessed us with as the year comes to its end. So many opportunities to break through petrified old layers have been given to us.


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The chosen themes of the immersions were skillfully unwrapped by our teacher for attendees of the programs. They seemed to mirror individual processes in a wondrous way which allowed us to take in and savor the essence of the given teaching. The topics and spiritual discourses also provided firm support to continuously expand our “platform of understanding” which Igor points out as necessary in order to reflect inner experiences and unique manifestations of this process.



The mind’s tendencies to be fascinated with, to grasp and settle on specific knowledge, however, were constantly brought to light in personal dialogue between student and teacher which is important and inspiring part of every program. These tendencies are not only brought to light, but are often countered by the use of paradox when one expects it the least which not rarely results in liberating laughter, or pushes open the doorway to reveal the blissful nature of one’s being.


“Eternity is only known, because there is the experience of ‘finite.’ Everything is a category of language. That’s the reason for spiritual discourse, until no longer and then there is only green tea to drink…

Igor Kufayev


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Eight times this year we had the opportunity to be in the presence of our Teacher and receive direct guidance for this often very challenging process. Eight Immersions in five countries, and every one was different from the other. The shifts have been profound, the blessings have been endless and the lessons didn’t stop until the very last day of the year. Tired, but happy we look back at a year, in which we worked hard, loved deeply, prepared the soil for new projects, welcomed many newcomers and had to separate from brothers and sisters who had shared the path with us so far. We send out our prayers to our brother David Slavko Zurak, who had danced among us with such joy and glory before leaving his body in early March. And we send out our blessings to the newborn life, that has been with us, still under her Mothers heart, during our Immersion in northern Germany.


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We have published amazing cinematographic insights into this work and had intense periods of teamwork, where books were written, movies prepared and seeds have been planted for birthing our new centre in the coming year and finally give home to a shared vision budding in a held space since quite a while…


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Many newcomers have joined the Sangha and the Flowing Wakefulness team and one more time we find ourselves joining forces with souls who come from the most amazing spiritual backgrounds, bring in their bundle of skills and knowledge, their hearts and precious revelations – and perfectly synchronised by the universal intelligence, a puzzle is forming before our eyes, drawing a landscape of Oneness. We are truly blessed, we are truly guided by the Shakti, the divine intelligence who is so present in our awareness as a result of the transmission of Grace that our Teacher bestows on us. We start to perceive her movement in everything, revealing the higher picture, of which only a glimpse leaves us speechless. All Glory to the Goddess. Al’Hamdullilah, Om Namah Shivaya and Amen.



 May we find the space to hear the silence, breathe, be and drink tea – knowing that this new year will shower us with blessings, abundance, freedom, joy and love – and fill the cup of our heart with peace and gratitude.


Jai Guru Dev

Team Flowing Wakefulness



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